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And So It Began…

Our Story

My name is Casey, and I am the founder of the No Quarter 1776’s team. In 2021, I met my co-owners, Avery and Chris, in Old Town Temecula, CA where we were bouncers in a local bar. We soon became great friends who shared one thing in common: we all had a little crazy in our eyes. You could find us walking into work in the evenings listening to The Boys Are Back in Town and always ready to handle troublemakers of all shapes and sizes.

One late night, we had just finished bouncing, and the circumstances inspired a crazy idea to create a shirt. Avery told me to make a note of it on my phone. Over time, as more ideas came to mind, I would bounce them off Avery and Chris. One day, Avery snatched my phone, jotted down our ideas and said to me, “We’re going to make something of this”.

A few months later, we had nearly 20 unique designs, but we did not know how to move forward in bringing our ideas to life. So, with the help of friends, we began bulldogging print shops and “Gunny Google” on how to take a dream and make it a reality. What started at a bar with a note on an iPhone, soon became a couple of Marines putting their heads together and filling in the gaps of what I either didn’t know or simply wasn’t familiar with. And so No Quarter 1776 began.

At No Quarter 1776, we believe that history upholds the future. The Spartans, Knights of England, the Vikings that left their mark on history, and even our own American revolution all have a common component: warriors. Warriors are the constant throughout history. You and I would not be here if someone had not fought for us.

Together, the three of us have shared our ideas, beliefs, and love for our country through No Quarter 1776. We truly have so much admiration and appreciation for this country, and we want to share that patriotic love with every other patriot out there – like you. Loyal, American patriots may seem to be few and far in between these days, but we are still here, and we will fight ’til our last breath.

Who We Are

About Our team


Owner, Founder

  • Born and raised on a ranch
  • Hails from Oklahoma
  • Served 15 years as a wildland fire fighter
  • Drove 18 wheelers for 16 years
  • Worked bar security since 18 years old



Jack of All Trades
Master of A couple

  • Born in Western Kentucky
  • Grew up on a farm
  • Volunteer fireman
  • Ambulance EMT
  • Marine Corps Security Forces and infantry
  • Owner of the most patriotic security company in the nation
  • Family is everything. “Family” is bound by more than and not limited to blood!